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Law Enforcement Wellness Program
SiteMed Law Enforcement Wellness Program - FAQs
Who is SiteMed?

SiteMed is a physician owned mobile heath care company specializing in on-site wellness examinations for law enforcement. SiteMed has extensive experience in the public safety sector and understands the physical and mental stresses encountered by law enforcement personnel. 

SiteMed provides medical oversight for every aspect of your testing, from customizing a program for your Department to personally supervising and directing your testing. Furthermore our medical providers perform a detailed physical examination and review all the lab and test results with your police officers. The feedback that we have received regarding the value of our two phase process and one-on-one consultation has been tremendous. 
What difference does it make that SiteMed is physician owned?

Unlike other companies who have to hire a local doctor for just the day of testing, SiteMed is there for you 365 days per year. Just like having a lawyer on retainer, if you have a question on a new hire or someone with a change in medications simply give us a call anytime. Need help with Post-Event Management? As physicians, we will coordinate follow-up clearances and mitigate medical clearance issues for you. What does this mean to you? We are with you every step of the way and sweat the small stuff so you don't have to. 

As a physician owned company, we also add value to your wellness program. We have taken the time to develop strategic partnerships with lab companies and imaging centers to provide specialized advanced medical testing that can be added to your wellness screenings.  We can customize blood work for each firefighter based on age, health and gender. There is no one else in the business currently doing this. We provide useful Departmental Statistics about how your department performed on their testing and can customize these statistics so you can track year to year changes and identify areas for improvement.

What kind of experience do Dr. Fernandez and Dr. Walker have?

Our supervising physicians are experienced with all applicable standards for law enforcement and understand OSHA standards for respirator use and HAZMAT teams. 

Dr. Fernandez is based out of North Carolina and is a Corporate Consulting Physician for Duke Energy, a Fortune 100 Energy Company.  He has worked with John Deere Turf Care, Butterball, Caterpillar and many other national corporations providing medical directorship and consulting. 

Dr. Walker is the Associate Medical Director for Georgia Power and supervises the wellness program for over 12,000 Georgia Power and Alabama Power employees. He also serves as the County Physician for Cobb County Georgia with over 5,000 employees. 

Together, they have over 25 years experience in occupational medicine and have performed thousands of law enforcement, fire department, HAZMAT, Fire Brigade, Armed Guard, and Emergency Response Team physicals. They have worked with many companies including Fluor Global, Georgia Pacific, Owens-Corning, Louisiana Pacific, and GKN. They are also USCIS Civil Surgeons for the US Government, and have performed over 18,000 physical exams for the State of Georgia, State of North Carolina, and Virginia. 

Dr. Fernandez and Dr. Walker are licensed in 7 states throughout the Southeast, are regular contributors to public safety journals, and lecture at local, state and national conferences. 

Aren't all wellness physicals the same?

In a nutshell, no. Our law enforcement wellness exams use a unique 2 phase process that allows our providers to go over all the lab results and blood work in an extended one on one face to face meeting with your police officers. This personal interaction is the most important part of the process, and is what differentiates us from everyone else using a 1 phase process. Of course, doing everything in 1 visit is easier to do, but our goal is to give you the most value for your money. A two phase process accomplishes this goal.

Is there a difference in the equipment you use?

Absolutely!  We are one of the few companies to use a Jackson Strength Test System to evaluate upper and lower body strength. Why don't other companies use this system? Expense and lack of training. 

For our exercise testing, we use a treadmill instead of a bicycle. Why? After all, a bicycle is easier to carry around and use. However, we use a treadmill because unlike the bicycle, a treadmill more closely mimics your physiological response while responding to a call. Although a treadmill is more cumbersome to carry in our truck, it is superior to a bike in many ways. 
How can you offer so much more than other companies performing wellness physicals and still be less expensive? What's the catch? 

Good question, and one we get asked frequently.The short answer is that we are physician owned.  Other companies that are not physician owned usually have to hire local doctors to perform their examinations, and this can be very expensive. These doctors range from Emergency Room doctors, retired surgeons and even residents still in training. The common theme they have is a lack of understanding of law enforcement exams, and occupational medicine in general. Let's face it, your department is not the place for physician on the job training. Who do you want performing these physicals for your employees, someone who does this once or twice a year, or even worse has never done it before, or a provider that does this full time?

So what is the bottom line?

SiteMed offers one of the most comprehensive health and wellness exams available for a very competitive price. Over 4,500 police officers and firefighters have recently become SiteMed clients. Don't take our word for it. We will be happy to provide a reference list of Departments that have made the change. Ask around, make the change and experience the SiteMed difference.