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Law Enforcement Wellness Program
Gonzalo Fernandez, M.D.
Lance Walker, D.O., MPH
The SiteMed Difference 

Who is your Law Enforcement Department Physician?

1. We are a physician owned company specializing in law enforcement health and wellness programs. Our medical protocols and testing procedures are designed and implemented under the supervision of experienced occupational medical doctors. We don't use retired doctors, or resident doctors that have not yet finished training. Because of this, you are able to rely on a doctor that you can trust.

2.  Dr Walker and Dr. Fernandez both serve as medical directors for major corporations and have performed thousands of law enforcement, fire bridgade (OSHA 1910.156) and NFPA 1582 firefighter physicals.

3.  We manage medical problems. If a medical issue is detected, we work with the employee to get the appropriate care needed in order to resolve the issue and keep the employee working safely. Most of the time, the employee can continue working while the medical issue is being resolved. 

4.  We get it. The purpose of a good wellness program is to enhance the health of your officers. It is not a punitive process. We strive to educate and improve the health of your officers year to year making your department healthier and maximizing return on investment. 

5.  We use a unique two phase process. This means that when our providers meet with your officers they have all the information in front of them including labs and medical history. Just like when you see your primary care physician. This means we can make health recommendations individualized to each person at the time of the consultation.

​6.  We care about your health. We are one of the only companies to offer advanced cardiovascular screening for your officers. From genetic blood tests to screen for cardiovascular risk to coronary CT scans, ask us how we can take your program to the next level.

7.  We use state of the art equipment. From our 40' mobile medical van to our Jackson strength tester and state of the art Benson audiometers, we strive to use the most comprehensive, modern up-to-date equipment out there. Why? Because your officers are worth it.    Read more about our trucks

8. Year round access- Departments that utilize our services have year round phone and email access to our physicians. We know medical questions regarding your department come up throughout the year. If a medical problem arises, we are only a phone call away, 52 weeks a year.

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